The Vineyard

The Gali Vineyard was planted in 2013 about four and a half miles from the Pacific Ocean. The 46-acres of rolling hills are studded with towering redwoods in the cool Santa Cruz Mountains of California. Ten acres of grapes began as bench-grafted two year old bare root plants, thriving in the weathered sandstone soil covered by a topsoil layer of loamy shale that provides a perfect environment. As a south-facing vineyard with marine influence, morning fog, and steady afternoon winds, the vines experience a diurnal temperature variation of up to 35 degrees fahrenheit each day leading to grape berries with thicker skins and more intense color. This unique environment produces wines with unparalleled complexity and depth of flavor.

With an appreciation for our land comes a desire to practice sustainability in everything we do. Prior to planting vines, oak trees were relocated from the land and not simply cut down. We remove invasive species that are harmful to the environment in order to preserve the biodiversity of the land. An electrostatic sprayer reduces disease protective material and water usage at the vineyard by 75%. Our no tillage practice eliminates soil compaction and allows the biodiverse native resident cover crop to flourish.