The People

Dr. Joseph Gali approaches winegrowing with the same vigor and respect he has approached everything in life. Born in Antioch, Turkey, completing medical school, and caring for his pediatric patients in the Bay Area since 1988, Joseph has a deep appreciation and reverence for the practices and arts that have come before him, both in medicine and in farming. He sees winegrowing as one of the greatest professions in the world. Drawn to the land, Joseph’s passion for cultivation began in his uncle’s orchard on the sunny Mediterranean coast as a child. California’s land has allowed him to hone his growing talents, producing everything from blueberries, persimmons, kiwis, and apples to quince, mulberries, and honey from his many beehives. It is also where Joseph met his wife, Janice, whose background in business and entrepreneurship has created a life partnership that has proved to be equally fruitful.

Questioning conventional wisdom of common viticulture practices and craving a connection to the land that would require intense study and hands-on work, Joseph and Janice planted ten acres of vines in 2013 on the land that they had owned for almost 20 years. “If you want something done right, you do it yourself,” they said of their undertaking. Joseph splits his week between caring for his patients and caring for his grapes. On days he works at the vineyard, Joseph spends time tending vines from early mornings covered by fog that rolls in from the ocean late into the cool air that comes at sunset. In the many miles he walks daily between rows, he has gotten to know small variations in the microclimates and the soil of his land. For seasonal work that requires more hands tending the vines, such as pruning and hand picking, the Gali’s employ local family workers who have been with the family since the beginning. Joseph and Janice are intimately connected to their land, and their dedication is best displayed in the unique and excellent wines produced from their vineyard.

The winemaker of Gali Vineyards is Anthony Craig, who’s outstanding career started in 1991 and continues today. His own brand, Sonnet Wine Cellars, has won numerous awards over the years.