Our Wine

Gali Vineyards cultivates four varietals: Pinot Noir, Tempranillo, Chardonnay, and Syrah. These estate-grown grapes thrive in the Santa Cruz Mountains climate and weathered sandstone soil, and under the care of owners Joseph and Janice Gali, become elegant, harmonious and complex wines.


2017 Chardonnay

This unique non-oaked Chardonnay displays its full range of fruity characteristics. Apple, melon, and tropical flavors will surprise experienced Chardonnay enthusiasts. Crisp and clean to the eye and palate, this lively wine finishes with a lingering creaminess, setting the stage for another sip.


2017 Pinot Noir

Deep and dark, this surprising Pinot has developed a rewardingly complex relationship between fruit and spice. Aged in tight-grained Hungarian oak encouraged the grape’s true nature of subtle cherry, candied plum, and blackberry to shine. Cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, and clove mingle with the array of rich, ripe fruit flavors, weaving a mystery the next sip might solve.


2016 Syrah

This cool climate luscious ruby-red Syrah hits the nose with notes of lavender and white pepper. Scents leads to tastes of fig compote, blackberry, raspberry, boysenberry caramelized in cinnamon and molasses with enticing balance of tannins and spice. This wine reveals more and more with each mouthful.


2016 Tempranillo

Lush and smooth this cool climate Tempranillo leads with hints of citrus, followed by plum, blackberry, leathery sun-dried tomatoes, and faint rumors of tobacco. Aged for two years in tight-grained Hungarian oak, provide the foundation and tannic structure to tease the palate, finishing in a wave of velvety vanilla.

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